Consultation engineering of advanced vertical transportation solutions



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Escalators/Moving walks

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Conveyor System

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Supervision Services

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Improving Existing Elevators


Parking Lots

V.I.S. Engineering Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced vertical transportation solutions. The company is engaged in consultation and planning in a broad spectrum of tower offices, industrial, commercial and residential installation of elevators, escalators, moving walks, lifting and handling conveyers. V.I.S. Engineering Ltd. was established in 1988 by a team of engineers with accumulated experience of 120 years. Prior to the inception of V.I.S. Engineering Ltd, the founders held senior positions in a leading contractor of electromechanical equipment. The company’s team includes a dedicated and experienced group of engineers.



The company has an ISO 9001:2008 certification from the Israel Standards Institute.

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We believe that every project has its own unique goals, needs and challenges, and therefore we provide each customer tailor-made solutions.

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תכנון דרגנועים ומעליות לדרישות מיוחדות

Supervision Services

We provide a range of supervision services on the quality level of services provided by the elevator companies:

  • Control of the costs and spare parts prices
  • Assistance in negotiating the service contracts provided by the service companies
  • Modernization - Plans for renovations and changes in the elevator system


בקרת שרות


The company performed all office activities through ERP system and uses an advanced IT infrastructure that supports its activities including “Elevator Traffic Analysis”, planning and follow-up, collaboration environment with partners.

Parking Lots

Solutions for parking facilities

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מעלית חניון


The company enjoys an outstanding reputation for excellence in execution of complex projects to the full satisfaction of its broad list of recurring clients.


Hadassah Hospital

Sheba Hospital

Wolfson Hospital


Hilton Beer-Sheva

Sheraton City Tower

Ramada Jerusalem


Tower offices

Amdocs Raanana

Global Tower



Tel-Aviv University

Hebrew University

Beer-Sheva University

Residential Towers

Sheraton City Tower

SEE-ONE Towers


Shopping Malls

BIG Ashdod



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